Golden/Blonde Ale

Sweetlips is a light blonde brewed with two malt varieties. The beer is light dry and refreshing with some sweet biscuit malt and subtle fruit flavour. It is very lightly hopped and never bitter. An excellent choice on warm summer days.



Bombshell Buchu Blonde

Bonito Bomb is a spiced variation on our popular Sweetlips blonde. Buchu, an endemic South African herb used in many traditional remedies, imparts unique peppermint and orange aromas that are very obvious on the nose and lingers in the finish. The beer is light dry and refreshing and will be available as a summer seasonal regular.



American Pale Ale

A huge hop aroma characterizes this refreshing pale ale. Ocean Potion is our flagship beer. It is a classic American Pale Ale that pours pure gold with a solid lasting head that laces beautifully. Its trademark is the huge tropical fruit and citrusy aroma. This hoppy component is underpinned by a solid yet complex malt base. The first surprise is that this beer, after the aroma is all beer. Its light bodied and finishes surprisingly bitter. Ocean Potion pairs well with aromatic dishes like Boboti, Thai and Indian curries.



American Amber Ale

Roman Red is a beautifully balanced, medium bodied amber ale. It pours a clear African Sunset red with a dense off white head. The citrus and pine resin hop aroma typically associated with Pacific North Western hop varieties strikes a balance with caramel, raisins and a hint of smokiness from the darker crystal malts. Residual sweetness from the malt counters the hop bitterness. The beer finishes in a lingering mix of caramel and bitterness.



IPA (India Pale Ale)

Hammerhead is a well-balanced IPA with a distinct hop character that imparts mild citrus and pine aromas and significant bitterness, balanced with a solid malt backbone. It is continually hopped like Dogfish Head’s IPA’s which establishes a deep seated solid hop character in all aspects of this beer. Toffee and caramel are characteristic of the malts used in HammerHead. The working name on this beer was Hammer(ed) (Hop)Head and probably describes it well.


Welcome to Triggerfish Brewing

Triggerfish Brewing is a Somerset West based craft brewery focusing on brewing a wide range of exceptional beers. Our product range consists of 9 staple beers and a 16 seasonal and one off “wild” beers to date. “Wild” beers refer to beers with flavours that most local beer drinkers have never experienced. We’re passionate about local ingredients and are constantly working on increasing the local content of some of our beers to create some distinct local styles that could be widely recognized if successful. Being in the heart of the wine region we’re barrel ageing and increasingly brew beer/wine hybrids. We thrive on the challenge of innovation.

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Besides beer, the taproom serves a seasonal menu and some fine local wines and artisanal schnapps.

The Brewery

Each craft brewer and beer lover has a unique interpretation of what craft beer means to them.

Our Passion

Triggerfish Brewing is based in Somerset West, and we focus on brewing a wide range of exceptional beers.