Craft Beer

Each craft brewer and beer lover has a unique interpretation of what craft beer means to them. At Triggerfish Brewery, we’re highly invested in the quality of beer, and in true craft beer style, each individual beer brand is one of a kind.

What makes craft beer craft beer

Mainly, two things differentiate craft beer from commercial beer:

1. Full batch boils, which means that the beer that ends up in the glass, bottle or can, was never diluted after the boil step in the making of the beer. Brewing beer at a high alcohol percentage and diluting has a detrimental effect on the flavour of the finished product.

2. Using high quality ingredients, in proportions appropriate to the style. Getting the majority of fermentable sugars from sources other than malted barley would disqualify a beer from being labelled ‘craft’ beer, in our opinion.

South African craft beer culture

When people experience craft beer for the first time, they’re hooked, and their journey to appreciating beer truly begins. We’ve seen a greater awareness of beer, with the light lager culture of many South Africans changing, and more people joining the craft beer experience socially. We believe that the wine culture in the Cape has an influence as wine drinkers really like new experiences with beer and appreciate variety.

How to taste good craft beer

Look. Smell. Taste (a good swig). Savour. Experience the finish.

How the perfect ale tastes

Ales are anywhere between light, refreshing and cold, to heavy almost sherry like and syrupy or really sour and funky depending on the style. The range of ale styles is wide and diverse.

Our most unusual beers

Stonefish 12-12-12 had good reactions as our beer lovers warmed to this barleywine. Pucker Puffer Sour is probably further from people’s expectations. We were surprised ourselves that we liked sour ale the first time we tasted it, so we set out to brew one. About 1/3 of people really like it when they first taste it and actually drink a pint. It takes a whole year to make, so we bring this out on special occasions.

We love experimenting

Brewing new and exciting beers is pulse and heartbeat of Triggerfish Brewing. We have a coffee-infused oatmeal stout fermenting and another sour beer on wood. We’re leaning towards wooded beers at the moment and you can probably expect more of these specialties!

The making

A brew day typically starts the day before. We prepare the brew water (called Liquor) and crush the grain. The actual brew day sees us starting the mash (the first step where you mix the grain and liquor to extract the sugar from the grain) at 6am. From there, the process proceeds to the boil where the wort (a sugary, watery mixture extracted from the grain) is boiled and the various hops are added to achieve the desired aroma and bitterness. Post boil, the wort is cooled and poured into a fermentor. We add the yeast to the wort at around 3pm. There’s a whole lot more that goes into brewing, but that’s the easy version!


We brew 250 litre batches of our occasional beers, and 500 litres of the year round regular beers. Our capacity is 5000 litres per month.