Updated 2018-06-07

Plate of Chips
Plain – R40
with Homemade Chili, Garlic Aoli – R58

Classic Dutch Bitterballen with Dijon mustard- R62

Kaasballen with spiced fruit chutney – R62

Cream Cheese Jalapeño poppers with sweet chili sauce – R62

Spinach and Feta Spring Rolls – R58

Chicken Spring Rolls with Asian Sauce – R60

Beef samosas with tomato relish – R60

Pan seared Cajun Calamari with Creamy Peri Peri Mayo – R68

Cheese and Jalapeño empanadas with Sweet Chili dipping – R68

Starter – R64 

TNT dynamite chili with blue cheese sauce / Southern Smoked BBQ / Asian sticky chili wings
Main – R120

TNT dynamite chili with blue cheese sauce / Southern Smoked BBQ / Asian sticky chili wings


Finger platter- with spring rolls, samosas, sweet chili wings and fries –R118

Cheese board- locally sourced, served with preserves and ciabatta – R148

Triggerfish board – with Kaasballen, Jalapeno poppers, BBQ Chicken wings, Dips, Hummus, Chutney, Fries and Ciabatta bread – R168

Biltong Platter – with Chili sticks, Droewors, Beef Biltong, Cheddar Fingers & Ciabatta – R178


Tandoori chicken wrap – R84
with tzatziki and tomato salsa and sweet fries

Bratwurst roll – R76
with Sauerkraut and potato apple salad

Chili con carne – R86
with cheddar hummus, sour creme and fries

Grilled Currywurst – R78
with fries and pickles

Chinese BBQ Smoked Pork Sandwich – R98
with miso mayo, apples and sweet potato


Classic with Cheese, guacamole & salsa – R88

Mexican with chili con carne, jalapeños, guacamole & salsa – R98

Tandoori chicken with feta and sun dried tomatoes – R98

Kids chicken nuggets and chips – R44
Kids hot dog and chips – R44

All burgers are 100% beef served on a brioche bun with fries

Classic Cheese – R96
with mature cheddar and caramelized onions

The Trigger – R104
with brie cheese, bacon, jam and onions

Mexican Burger – R104
with crunchy jalapeno and cheese

Chicken Prego – R94
with Tzaziki and Fries

Asian Smoky Pork  – R104
with pickles and pineapple chili relish