Black Marlin – Russian Imperial Stout

Black Marlin pours pitch black with a dense tan head. A wild winter beer powerful in aroma and taste Complexity comes from 7 different malts, 3 hops and a touch of our own South African trecle. Coffee, dark chocolate, aniseed, dark fruit and caramel in the aroma prepares you for the big taste and lingering bitter finish. This beer is best enjoyed at around 11°C and pairs well with rich warm deserts and dark chocolate. Black Marlin ages well and is a must have in your beer cellar.

  • Style:Sweet Stout
  • ABV:9.9%
  • Malts:Pale, Caraffa I, II &III, Various Crystals
  • Hops:Galena, Goldings, Fuggle
  • Colour:48 SRM
  • Original Gravity: 1.099
  • Bitterness: 64 IBU

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