STONEFISH 12-12-12  – Barleywine   



Brewed on 12-12-12 the alcohol percentage came in at 10% ABV, a bit below the expected 11% adding a bit more sweetness and maybe smoother overall experience to this rich and full bodied aromatic beer. The caramel malt flavour mix well with the detectable alcohol and hoppy undertones. This is a beer for sipping in cold weather. Stonefish 12-12-12 will age well and may become available in bottles in future.

  • Style:Barleywine
  • ABV:10%
  • Malts:Pale, Various Crystal malts
  • Hops:Galena, Cascade
  • Colour:18 SRM
  • Original Gravity:1.100
  • Bitterness:70 IBU

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